Solving Transportable Data Needs with G-SPEED Shuttle XL

The thing about the G-SPEED Shuttle XL is it's colossal capacity! For film and video editors editing in the field or working with storage-eating 4K footage, Videoguys recommends this rugged RAID solution. Get it here.

G-Technology’s G-SPEED Shuttle XL Solves Your Transportable Data Needs

G-Tech G-Speed Shuttle XLFrom doddlenews We live in a fantastic time for film where 4K is fast becoming the norm both at home and in theaters, while the technology to shoot breathtaking visuals is coming in smaller form factors. Everything is getting better and smaller, with the exception of data — data is getting exponentially larger. Fortunately there are products like G-Technology’s G-SPEED Shuttle XL – a large, 8-bay RAID solution that is still transportable with dimensions of 9.7 inches lengthwise, by a width of 6.9 inches, and a height of 15.2 inches. They are also available with a custom designed Pelican case with cut-outs suited for spare drives or Evolution Series Drives/Media readesr. The G-SPEED Shuttle XL is available in two configuration types. The Shuttle XL includes 8 Hitachi Enterprise class, 7200 rpm drives while the Shuttle XL ev includes 6 of these drives, with 2 EV series drive bays that can be used with any of the drives or media readers from G-Technology’s Evolution Series. The G-Speed Shuttle XL ev will take care of any Digital Imaging Technician’s needs on set or in the field with ease. You simply copy your raw footage onto the G-Technology G-DRIVE ev RAW, which can then be inserted in one of two available EV slots on the Shuttle...[continue reading]

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