Special: On Not Screwing up Your NAB Experience (with Bob Zelin & Deb Eschweiler)

Track Matte Moment Podcast

In this special edition of the Track Matte Moment, we talk to Deb Eschweiler and the legendary Bob Zelin about how to do the NAB Show the right way -- avoiding those #TMMs before you get out to Vegas. In other words, how NOT to screw up your experience in Vegas. We cover a lot of ground: almost as much as you will on the show floor (haw!). In our hour-long conversation, we discuss the importance of having a plan in the exhibit hall, approaching industry rockstars (that aren't actually rockstars), strategies for maintaining your well-being (spoiler: avoid alcohol), understanding the scope of the show and the culture shock of broadcast, the relevance of NAB, and the importance of learning about and exploring newer, smaller companies that don't necessarily start with A.

Bob Zelin has been going to NAB since "before any of you were born" in his words. Bob designs, installs and maintains facilities in the professional television and audio industry. That is, when he isn't sharing profound truths with unsuspecting Internet forum users. You can find him mostly on Creative COW. His meet-up is Monday, April 8th after 8PM at the Hard Rock Hotel -- drink for your business card.

Deb Eschweiler has been on the Track Matte Moment before. She's a freelancer in Minnesota who has been a regular NAB attendee for close to 10 years. Go listen to her Track Matte Moment and catch up with her on Twitter. It's still unknown if she'll be at NAB this year because she keeps things interesting.

Kylee and Kes will be in Vegas for this year's NAB Show from Saturday to Friday. They'll both be in the lower south hall mostly all day Monday through Wednesday (though Kylee will be found in the Small Tree Communications booth, SL6005, on Tuesday and Wednesday, so she'll be VERY easy to find.) Come say hello if you see us, or tweet if you want to meet up. We'll have a recorder if anyone should happen to want to record a TMM live. read more and listen to the podcast...

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