Spotlight on Small, Portable POV Cameras
Here is a resourceful article distinguishing the latest in portable POV cameras. All of them are small, yet feature-rich in different ways, from wide angle to waterproof. Here is the article, originally posted on by Susan Ashworth:

Unexpected Perspectives: Small, Portable POV Cameras Enhance Imaging Options

Today’s action camera models are all quite small so it’s in the feature sets that the cameras express their individuality. CV200-MBMarshall Electronics added two mini broadcast cameras to its POV Pro-Series broadcast camera line earlier this year. The CV350-5XB 2-megapixel HD-SDI/HDMI camera has 5x optical zoom aided by a Canon auto-focus system to maintain a clear, crisp picture while zooming from 4~20mm focal range. The CV200-MB is a compact lipstick camera with multiple Full HD formats and an IP67 weatherproof body. Marshall’s POV camera line excels because of its combination of small size and high-resolution capabilities, according to Tod Musgrave, product marketing director for the POV Pro-Series Cameras at Marshall Electronics. “In a POV camera, you’re looking at a 3/4-inch camera that can do 1920 x 1080p, 1080i and 720p, all Full HD resolutions,” he says. “Because of the broadcast-quality, users can match it up with the big beauty cameras” during HD broadcasts, he says. “For a POV camera, it’s very powerful.” Literally the size of a compact lipstick, the CV200-MB includes a 1/3-inch 2.1-megapixel CMOS sensor and 3.6mm 3-megapixel M12 mount lens. At 19mm in length, the CV200-MB is designed for hidden camera television shows, reality TV, sports broadcasts and other applications requiring a small broadcast-quality camera. HD recording options include 1080i 59.94 fps, 1080p 59.94/29.97 fps, and 720p 59.94/29.97 fps.
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