Streamgeeks Guide to Connecting NDI and Zoom

NDI and Zoom are a great combination for your remote streaming workflow, or to bring a guest into your live stream. This method will allow you to bring NDI feeds directly into your conference call from your guest, or from your own production system.

In this video tutorial and blog post, you will learn how to connect Zoom with NDI. NDI is an IP video standard used by many video production professionals. Zoom is of course, the popular online video communication solution. By connecting these two solutions together you can create some very interesting and powerful online communication systems. Connecting NDI and Zoom bridges the gap between professional video production solutions and consumer video conferencing.

How to connect NDI with Zoom

First of all you may want to read up on a few of our past blog posts to get up to speed. We recently published a video tutorial explaining how to connect OBS with Zoom and how to connect vMix with Zoom. OBS, vMix, and many other video production solutions including Wirecast, xSplit, eCamm Live, and MimoLive all support NDI and virtual camera outputs. With a virtual camera output, software video production solutions can bring a bunch of awesome features into your Zoom experience. At the StreamGeeks, you may have noticed that we capture our Zoom video conferencing sessions inside of our live streams. This allows us to live stream our Zoom video conferences to multiple CDN destinations such as Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube.

Here are just a couple reasons why you would want to connect Zoom with a video production software:

1. Higher quality video recordings
2. Higher quality video inside of Zoom (Color Correction tools and other video enhancements)
3. Higher quality audio inside of Zoom (VST 3 plugins and other audio enhancements)


Check out the video on YouTube HERE.

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