Streaming Cameras directly to Wirecast using ONVIF

Attention Wirecast users! You'll want to take a look at this piece PTZOptics put together to guide you through streaming multiple cameras from around your network via ONIF, an industry standard protocol for IP streaming and camera control.

Streaming cameras directly to Wirecast over the network via ONVIF

In this video, Andy Chatfield, lead support technician at PTZOptics, review how to live stream ptzoptics cameras to Wirecast over the network using ONVIF. This give you the ability to connect PTZOptics cameras to Wirecast from anywhere on your network. ONVIF is a open industry standard protocol for IP streaming and camera control. ONVIF can be used for PTZ camera control of any PTZOptics camera plus it can be used as a searching tool on your network for cameras. Andy shows us how to look up these cameras on the network. Then enable the cameras for ONVIF. Once the PTZOptics cameras are enabled for ONVIF Andy brings them into Wirecast!

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