Streaming Idiots: Top 10 Live Streaming Predictions for 2017

Take a look into the future, Top 10 Live Streaming for 2017 from Streaming Idiots

Tom Sinclair from Streaming Idiots lists their Top 10 Live Streaming Predictions for 2017

Nice job Tom. Although Tom is a vMix guy at heart, he does a good job going over the state of technology in the industry and more importantly, a really good look into where we are going. We may not agree completely with all his predictions, but we found several of them to be spot on! Our favorites are:

  • Live Streaming via Social Media will Expand and Grow. But...
  • Social Media Live Streamers will wonder, "Is this all there is?"
  • Thousands will begin Live Streaming and be Terrible... at first.
  • ALL webinars will have Live Video by year's end. PowerPoint fades away.
If you want to join Tom and over a hundred fellow live video" streaming idiots" I recommend you join the Streaming Idiots Facebook group . Lots of goos info and timely answers to your questions.

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