Streaming Media Case Studies: Facebook Live

Wirecast Facebook LiveLearn how Telestream Wirecast streamlines Facebook Live streaming for PBS, the YES network and the McBeard agency.
PBS We have recently begun to utilize Facebook Live as an additional distribution path for both topical and some special events. The Wirecast integration helped streamline our process. It also afforded us a solution that allowed us to quickly integrate it into our overall distribution system. The YES Network When Facebook Live launched, we quickly went into action utilizing our cell phones to capture anything that would interest our users. What we found is that there are certain times when a cell phone camera is both accepted and expected. Capturing the vibe outside Yankee Stadium before a game would be a good example of this. But there are other times when a higher quality presentation is required. That's where Wirecast comes in. The Wirecast software allows us to do all those things quickly and easily, complete with a professional looking end product. McBeard We are now able to offer a wider range of Facebook Live for our clients. Before, the only options were to broadcast from a mobile device directly through Facebook, but Wirecast allows us to be more creative and add polish to our FB Live executions. Twentyfourseven Films I wish Facebook would have made a deal with the big encoder companies like Wirecast and gotten their own encoder software for people who want to broadcast live, multi-camera, high end content. We don't have that today, and I wish they had that in place from day one....[read the full article here]

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