Streamline Your Portable Streaming System, Part 1: Streaming Software, Capture Cards, and Signal Converters

Streaming Media by Mark Alamares

In this article I'm going to highlight some of the latest gear you can use to put together a portable streaming solution. With this equipment you can quickly and easily transport your kit from one shoot to another and use it to deliver solid, high-quality streams for small and medium-sized events.

As the founder and owner of Mobeon, a company that specializes in streaming production, I?m always looking for ways to streamline my kit and simplify my workflow to give my client the best stream possible regardless of the venue. At Mobeon we handle a vast range of events events varying from small- to large-scale, and our clients run the gamut from Fortune 100 companies to startups to and non-profit organizations. Drawing on that experience, in this series I'll explore some of the latest gear for doing mobile and portable streaming production, both HD and scaling up to 4K. You can achieve a lot with minimal resources and still travel lightly when you have jobs across the U.S.

I?ll begin this first installment by describing two software-based streaming solutions that enable you to deliver professional-quality streams from your PC or Mac.

Software-based Streaming

We all know that streaming is a growth industry. The tools have become much more accessible and more portable as the popularity and feasibility of live streaming has grown. There's a lot more streaming-capable hardware and software out there, and more opportunity than ever for those of us who know how to use it. read more...

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