SVG Spotlight on NewTek NC2 Studio IO Module and NDI Bridge

NewTek not only creates some of the best NDI production equipment available today, but they also have a large library of content showing users how to use their equipment to their best ability, and documenting different users workflow.  This library can be found on their Vimeo and YouTube accounts. 

Check out Chris Burgos, NewTek Sales Specialist, presenting NewTek's NC2 Studio I/O Module and #NDI® Bridge at the Silicon Valley Video Gear Night.

SVV Gear Night - NewTek NC2 Studio IO Module and NDI Bridge from NewTek on Vimeo.

"NC2 Studio I/O gives producers and broadcasters tremendous power, with a unified interface and in a single, rack-mounted unit. Greater I/O flexibility, support for 12G-SDI devices, up to 8 channels of SDI recording, and 10 Gigabit Ethernet connectivity is not all – NewTek products are created with NDI® at their very core. NC2 Studio I/O perfectly integrates sources of all types to the flexibility of IP production and supports all the latest and upcoming features of the revolutionary NDI 5.

NDI Bridge let's you securely share NDI sources between remote sites, anywhere in the world, using a simple and secure network setup. Maintain native end-to-end NDI workflows, reducing complexity, cost and latency across any distance. NDI Bridge delivers local convenience on a global scale as it handles all the complexity of remote sources and still works with alpha channel, KVM, PTZs, tally, metadata and much more!"

Learn more about NewTek HERE.


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