Take Creativity Wherever You Go:Adobe Creative Cloud Updates

Creative COW by Kylee Wall

In the biggest release since CS6, Adobe unveiled major updates to Creative Cloud including 14 new versions of desktop apps, four new mobile apps, and new creative Adobe-branded hardware for use with tablets, a first for the company. The updates and new apps shape a unified creative experience between desktops, tablets and phones.

Among the pile of desktop app updates, designers will find the new tools in Photoshop CC include Blur Gallery, effects for creating a sense of motion; Focus Mask, a tool that makes portrait shots with shallow depth of field stand out; and new Content Aware Capabilities.

Illustrator CC will include Live Shapes to transform rectangles into complex shapes and back, as well as faster rendering of graphics on Windows with an Adobe-certified NVIDIA graphics card.

Web designers will see updates to Dreamweaver CC, including the ability to look at markup in a document using Element Quick View. This allows web developers to easily see and modify the HTML structure of pages. read more...

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