Taking Remote Production to the Next Level with the LiveU Solo

Live streaming is as easy as 1,2,3 with the LiveU Solo Connect. With its affordable price and reliability, LiveU encoders are being used everywhere. With the hit of the pandemic, churches, schools and broadcasters need a reliable, affordable and easy way to start live streaming, and the Solo Connect is the perfect solution. 

Mark Foley of Production Hub felt like he was visiting an old friend when he reviewed the LiveU Solo. Check out some highlights from his review below



"The LiveU Solo is a nice compact unit that you can clip to your belt like an oversized iPhone if you are handheld, or do like I did and just loop it over the tripod for interview segments. The outer cover is really quite sturdy and is quite “Portabrace esque” Well thought out and dare I say practical. Also the LiveU Solo weighs almost nothing. Honestly, everything else is very straight forward."


"As they like to say on Wall Street I would issue a strong “buy” rating. Based on my previous experience and now after revisiting the LiveU Solo, it would be a no brainer to add it to your equipment inventory. You do have to make sure you understand how to best use the unit and the additional costs of whatever cellular plan you chose. Just make sure you add that into your cost analysis. In my opinion, it is still going to be a very affordable and reliable way to get your live feed to wherever you need it to go."


Check out the full ProductionHub review here!

Learn more about the LiveU Solo and Solo Connect Modem Kits here!


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