Teachers & Administrators: Learn more about LiveU’s education programs

If you are a school or institution looking to bring live streaming into your curriculum, you'll want to take a look at this interview. LiveU video encoders are some of the best bonded cellular encoders on the market. See what LiveU is doing for educational programs. From SchoolVideoNews.com

LiveU's Ongoing Commitment to Education

The annual NAB event always affords School Video News the opportunity to meet our partners and learn in depth what they are doing to help the education market.

This year we spent time with George Klippel, Director of Channel Sales for LiveU.

1. Can you tell us more about LiveU’s education programs and the LiveU value for both university’s and students?

LiveU is committed to education and doing our part to help prepare students for their career once they graduate. LiveU offers great educational pricing, training, online student and faculty certification courses, an internship program and much more. But our real value for schools and students is all about using the technology being used in the real world. LiveU has about 80% of the market for bonded cellular worldwide. That means if your students go to work for CBS, CNN, Fox, NBC, Bloomberg and many, many others, you will be working with LiveU equipment. Knowing how to use LiveU and working with our software gives you an edge over those who haven’t had a chance to use our technology during the hiring process. The operation managers have added confidence that you don’t need additional training on the technology, just on their internal processes and that’s a huge advantage in today’s marketplace.

2. Can you tell us about LiveU products and how universities are using the technology?

LiveU offers products for schools and Universities of all sizes. From High School multimedia classes, to Community College and four-year Universities. The most popular configuration we offer is our LU200 field unit. It has 4 cellular modem connections plus Wi-Fi and Ethernet. This unit sends the stream to a LU2000 server which comes in a single, dual or quad configuration. Once the server receives the feed it can send it out to your router as an SDI signal, NDI and RTMP. The server also supports traditional IFB so you can communicate from your control room to your talent or camera operator. We’ve also put together some educational bundles that are very popular which feature the LU200 unit, the LU500 and our brand new LU6000 HEVC unit. These bundles include everything you need, the unit, server, transmission data plan and our LU-Smart application for contribution from your Android or iPhone’s. These bundles have been very popular as well. The most common uses for our systems in Universities are in Journalism and Communication programs, Athletics, Public Relations and advanced degree programs where streaming special events or guest lectures are important.

3. How are universities using the technology for special events and milestones such as commencements this spring?

This is one of the most popular uses of LiveU gear. Most schools do multi-camera shoots for commencement and other special events. They want to output to screens in an auditorium and to the webpage or a CDN for those who can’t attend the event in person. The setups vary widely from gymnasiums or indoor or outdoor stadiums, to concert halls. Some locations will not have any internet connectivity available to them and LiveU is used to provide that connectivity for the stream. ...read more

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