Team Success with Avid NEXIS | PRO Team Bundles

We're really excited about Avid NEXIS | PRO Team Bundles. They are put together to make your life easier in assembling a powerful collaborative studio. You can get them here on Videoguys: Avid Pro Team Bundle, Avid Premium Team Bundle, Avid Ultimate Team Bundle.

Unite Your Team for Success with New Avid NEXIS | PRO Team Bundles

From AvidBlogs avid-pro-team-bundlesCreating and delivering a high volume of content on schedule is a requirement of any post-production team. Being able to collaborate together and complete higher quality work faster, easier, and more confidently so you can all make it to happy hour? Squad goals. For smaller post teams, this objective is now easier to achieve than ever. Our new “Team” bundles provide the high-performance media production tools you need to go from mere workgroup to a powerfully united team, delivering unmatched real-time collaborative capabilities, accelerated workflows, and the utmost reliability. Even better, you don’t need a big budget to play on par with the big studios—not only are these bundles affordably priced, they offer massive value—with limitless creative possibilities.

The tools you need—the speed and ease you want

Avid NEXIS | PRO is at the core of all Team bundles, giving you the same media performance and reliability demanded by large post-production facilities. This scalable, flexible, and open shared storage system unites all of your team’s assets together into one virtualizable pool of protected storage—which you can partition any way you like—making finding, accessing, and sharing media fast and easy. Even when storing tens of thousands of hours of high-res 4K video. Need more storage and performance? Just add another NEXIS | PRO engine—up to a total of four—to scale your system up to 80 TB of capacity and 1.6 GB/s of bandwidth. And it couldn’t be simpler. Just connect additional engines to your original and the Avid NEXIS software automatically distributes your media for you, immediately taking advantage of the expanded storage and bandwidth to optimize performance and throughput...[continue reading]

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