Telestream Announces ProRes RAW for Switch

Telestream announced today that Switch- it's multi format video player/encoder- will feature ProRes RAW support.

Telestream is the leading industry provider of video tools and workflow solutions, and Switch is a widely used professional application. Customers who use Switch have come to expect advanced media inspection capabilities within the program- opening the door for ProRes RAW.

The introduction of ProRes Raw support within Switch brings the entire application to the next level.

“Supporting Apple ProRes RAW in Switch means our customers can reap the benefits of powerful ProRes performance, in a format ideal for high-dynamic-range (HDR) content creation. With the introduction of ProRes RAW our Switch customers have everything they need in a professional cross-platform production tool – whether in the studio, the office, or even in the field.”

Shawn Carnahan, Chief Technical Officer at Telestream

ProRes provides users with real-time, editing performance and strong image quality even at a reduced file storage rate. ProRes RAW improves on the architecture of ProRes- increasing image quality and performance.

Check out the full press release HERE

Learn more about Telestream HERE

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