Telestream Debuts Wirecast 6.0, Offers Replays, Playlists, Tweets

Streaming Media by Troy Dreier

The live streaming tool takes a big step forward with the ability to create instant replays, automate broadcasts with playlists, and much more.

Transcoding company Telestream announced the launch of Wirecast 6.0 today, the latest version of its live streaming software. This version offers several new professional tools, including replays, playlists, social media feeds, and Mac Retina Display support.

Wirecast 6.0's replay abilities let users capture clips from a live stream and replay them. It should be popular with sports broadcasters, Telestream suggests. Users can switch to a replay view and then slow down, speed up, or scrub through their clip to find just the moment they want to show viewers.

With the new drag-and-drop playlist tool, users can automate their broadcasts by creating lists of videos, images, audio clips, live feeds, and commercial breaks. Telestream notes that they can also use the tool to create a rotating list of different live shots, or broadcast archived videos during the hours they're not streaming live content.

Wirecast is getting social with this release, thanks to the ability to add tweets to live streams. Users can search out Twitter messages to show, then overlay them on the broadcast. read more...

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