Telestream Wirecast Gear 3 is an All-In-One Live Production System

On today's Videoguys Live, Gary was joined by Shane from Telestream to discuss the brand new Wirecast Gear 3 All-In-One Live Production Systems. The Wirecast Gear 3 is a powerful, flexible, turnkey live streaming system.

Watch the full webinar below:

Introducing Wirecast Gear 3:

Wirecast Gear 3 HD HDMI

4 1080P60 HDMI sources​ + Wirecast Pro + Switch


Wirecast Gear 3 HD SDI

4 1080P60 SDI sources​ + Wirecast Pro + Switch​


Wirecast Gear 3 4K HDMI

4 4K60 HDMI + 1 1080P60 3G-SDI sources​ + Wirecast Pro + Switch​


Wirecast Gear 3 4K SDI

4 4K60 12G-SDI + 1 1080P60 3G-SDI sources​ + Wirecast Pro + Switch​


What's New in Wirecast Gear 3?

The only full integrated 4K60 SDI streaming appliance available for under $10,000!

A Modern, all-in-one, flexible hardware solution for video streaming and production, now with:

  • 4K60 Compatibility: Gear 3 provides plug-in-and-go streaming for up to five 4K SDI input sources, or four 4K HDMI sources, ready to go out of the box
  • GPU Acceleration: Every Gear 3 comes with an ultra-fast AMD six-core processor and Nvidia Quadro GPU for acceleration and encoding
  • Design & Form Factor: Gear 3 is designed to fit compactly and conveniently into your server rack, with a 2RU form factor and 12" depth
  • 2RU Windows PC optimized for streaming with Wirecast Pro & Switch pre-installed
  • Includes up to five HD-SDI or four HDMI inputs, dedicated NVIDIA QUADRO GPU
  • 16GB system memory, gigabit ethernet, and more

Do You Need HDMI or SDI?

Do You Need HD or 4K?

Videoguys Tech Tip! Which Platforms Allow 4K Live Streaming?
  • YouTube: Yes
  • Facebook: Yes
  • LinkedIn: No
  • Twitch: Yes, but they limit bandwidth ​
    to 3,500Kbps and 4K streams can use up to 9,000Kbps

What's New - Gear 3 vs Gear 2

  • Distinctive New Look: Wirecast logo inspired bezel in unique all-black 2RU form factor
  • More Powerful CPU + GPU in All Models: Stream in full HD or 4K with a 66% more powerful system
  • 4Kp60 Capable Models: 4x4Kp60 with 18G HDMI or 12G-SDI

Wirecast Gear 3 Key Takeaways

  • Fully-integrated 2RU solution in a sleek new look​
  • ALL models have GPU acceleration with much faster CPU​
  • ​4Kp60 models with no compromises - under $10K​
  • True best-in-class support from one source


Best-in-class support still unmatched by anyone in this price range!

Wirecast Gear is Powered by Wirecast

Wirecast is the most powerful, customizable live video streaming and production tool for Mac and Windows.

How Wirecast Works

  • Capture Your Content: Bring in live video and audio feeds, screen capture via USB, capture card, NDI, iOS, IP and web stream sources, and more
  • Produce Your Show: Switch between sources, add lower thirds and graphics, use Chroma Key, playlists, replay, virtual sets, animated titles, live scoreboards, and more
  • Stream It Live: Stream to multiple integrated streaming destinations, plus recording, NDI Program out, multi-viewer, and more

What's New in Wirecast 15?


  • Take advantage of your Mac, PC, or Wirecast Gear
  • CPU: 15 - 30% improved
  • GPU: 30 - 60% improved 
  • Plus more efficient GPU rendering
  • Improved 4K60 support for input, playback, and streaming

Production Elements

  • Social Media Integration: Integrate Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube comments directly into your broadcast. New Comment Moderation window streamlines your workflow
  • Web Page Interaction: Show content from any site and interact like a browser right in Wirecast

Wirecast Supports NDI

Capture a variety of IP sources including NDI and detect NDI sources automatically in Wirecast

Broadcast NDI. Send your program feed out via NDI to anything on your network including Virtual Cameras

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