Templates in Premiere Pro

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One of the many benefits of using templates are their ability to be a good starting point on anything you work on. When I started out as an editor, I was amazed by the templates that were created for After Effects and Apple Motion. There are templates for smooth text animations, video displays and much more. One more intricate and complex than the next. However, I now believe templates should serve the purpose of efficiency and speed from a workflow standpoint and not having to reinvent the wheel repeatedly. An attitude I adopted from being a longtime Final Cut Pro user is having a template for just about everything. Have a template for how you want your bins structured in the project panel. Create title templates for commonly used text treatments. Have a combination of templates and presets for commonly used effects like color correction, motion graphics, transitions and more. I believe that if you have templates for these situations, it will undoubtedly speed up how you move in Premiere Pro.

Project Templates

As I mentioned in a previous article about bin structure, you want to have a set of bins you most commonly use. However, I didn’t go as in depth about creating a project file that has those bins. One thing I strongly recommend is creating a project file that has your most commonly used bins. Make sure you never import any assets in it and do a Save As. I would name this something unique so you can remember it for future purposes. read more...

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