Teradek Top 5 Reasons to Live Stream in 2018

Here are a few rock-solid reasons why investing in gear for live streaming should be a priority for 2018. Churches, schools, businesses, bloggers, entrepreneurs....live video is undeniably and import vehicle for sharing your work, your message and your events. Teradek's WiFi enhanced streaming encoder, VidiU Pro is a popular and budget friendly device, especially effective for live events that require a wireless setup. To make broadcasting online even easier than before, the VidiU Pro introduces Teradek’s exclusive new LiveLink technology. To set up, you simply use the companion app on your smartphone to frame your shot, sign in to any online video platform, and hit a single button to “Go Live.” The VidiU Pro receives all the pertinent information via Bluetooth, and then seamlessly connects to the Web using one of its own network interfaces, or via the smartphone’s 3G/4G/LTE data connection (depending on your preference). The details are all taken care of under the hood, with fewer steps and less complexity than ever before! From Teradek

5 Reasons to Live Stream in 2018....The truth is, delivering HD content to live platforms is both easy and affordable now. With encoders like the VidiU Pro, all you have to do is connect a video camera to it via HDMI, connect an Internet source (Ethernet, WiFi, 4G USB modem) and choose a destination to start streaming. Once it’s up on the Internet, social media will do the rest.

If you’re still on the ropes about investing in an encoder though, consider trying out Live:Air Action. A free live streaming app for iPads, Live:Air Action lets you add things like graphics, transitions, text and overlays to your video and streams it to whichever platform you choose. The best part? It’s actually a multicam switcher that allows you to use up to 6 iOS devices as additional cameras, giving your broadcast a professional touch if you need it....

....As the ecosystem behind live streaming advances, 2018 will see a critical mass of demand for live video. From rising social media use to stronger media devices and even the impending arrival of 5G mobile networks, live video is poised to be a major contender of global multimedia consumption.

So if you’re interested in trying out live streaming, or have been live streaming already, now’s the time to do it. Grab your camera and go live! [continue reading]

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