Teradek VidiU Go Lets You Stream From Any Location

Teradek recently sponsored a video tutorial demonstrating how to stream a solid picture from any location using the VidiU Go. Check out the video, hosted by Paul Schmutzler below.

The VidiU Go is the perfect solution for anybody who has been on location for a live shoot and discovered a lack of efficient internet. What is to be done when the bandwidth needed for you live stream is not available?

The answer is simple: don't rely on a single internet connection for you live stream. Network bonding the the key to reliable live streaming.

Say you're in a place like this soccer park. You'll have at least 3-5 cameras scattered around the fields, and you'll be live switching them from a booth, but this place could get really crowded with all the people showing up and using Facebook Live to stream it to their friends. If you're relying on a single 4G modem for your stream, what are you going to do when the network congestion turns your 1080 stream into a 480 stream? Or worse, your stream drops entirely?

Paul Schmutzer for streamingmedia.com

The Teradek VidiU Go bonds multiple internet sources into one robust internet connection. The VidiU Go combines two 4G USB hotspots, Ethernet, Wi-Fi and iphone hotspots, giving users a variety of options.

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