Teradek VidiU Pro simplifies live streaming

We are big fans of the compact, portable, and wireless Teradek VidiU Pro recording and streaming device. It's an affordable streaming solution. The article below will walk you through the product. You can also take a look at the video tutorial we sponsored, Teradek VidiU Pro: Tips, Tricks, and Tutorials. If you are looking for a complete live production solution, we've paired the VidiU Pro with Roland V-1HD switcher. It's easy to haul around, budget friendly and professional quality!

Live streaming with the VidiU Pro

RedShark by Simon Wyndham Teradek VidiU Pro RedShark NewsA detailed look at the Teradek VidiU Pro, which aims to greatly simplify the workflow for live streaming broadcast. It perhaps isn't at the forefront of most video producers minds to do a live broadcast. But if you were approached to do such a thing, how would you go about it, particularly if you were on a budget? Live broadcasting on platforms such as YouTube has opened up the types of live subject matter that used to be the domain of the established broadcasting companies to the public at large. The Adidas Sickline event and the Hurley Classic on the Thames are two examples of minority sports competitions that are now broadcast live over streaming services to fans who would otherwise not get to see them. It can still be an effort to make such things work, however, and that is where Teradek's new VidiU Pro system comes in. The VidiU Pro has one aim: to make live streaming as simple and as straightforward as it possibly can be, from anywhere in the world, even in more remote locations. As long as you have a wired, wireless or cell connection, you will be able to perform a broadcast. Even if you don't, the device will record your programme ready for streaming later.

What's in the box?

The VidiU Pro is a small device, with a footprint of around 120mm x 80mm, and it looks very simple. On the front, there is an LCD display to show menus and device status, along with lights to indicate wifi, streaming connection, alerts and whether a camera is successfully connected. Along with a start/stop button and a mini menu joystick, that's about it. But as we'll find out, that's all there needs to be...[continue reading on RedShark]

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