Test Bench: Avid Media Composer 3.0

Videomaker By John Burkhart Feature Rich EditingVideomaker MC3
Avid Media Composer has been the standard on which all NLEs have been based. The first Media Composer rolled off the factory line in 1989. It came with its own Mac, specialized hardware and a hefty price tag. A lot has changed since then, yet Avid Media Composer remains the standard in video and film editing for feature films and TV shows.

However, the landscape for digital video editing software has changed, with a lot more competition for your video editing dollar. How well does the Media Composer stack up?

This new 3.0 version comes with the requisite new features and editing enhancements. But the real focus of this release is very compelling: under-the-hood improvements for stability, speed and something you don't see much in any software: a 50% price drop. Media Composer now comes in at $2,495, as opposed to the $4,995 price for 2.0. Avid has consolidated its software lineup by getting rid of its mid-range Xpress Pro and moving everyone up to its flagship app for the same price

In terms of stability, different versions of Media Composer are appreciated in editing circles (much like fine wines). Media Composer 11, running on the old Meridien board set on Apple OS9, is still sought-after for editing feature films, as its dependability is renowned despite being 7 years old. read more...

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