Text crawl with Vegas Pro

by Craig Anderton

Vegas Pro 8 TextText can add creative flourishes to projects, and the text generator in Vegas Pro 8 software has lots of useful features. So, let's cover how to create a text crawl along the bottom of the screen, like what you see on news stations for breaking news and stock market tickers.


To start, go Insert > Text Media on a video track, then click on the text window's Edit tab. Type the text in a single line. Next, click on the Placement tab and click-drag the text to the right (use Free Form text placement mode) so that the line's first letter is just outside the text preview pane's right side. An X value greater than 2.000 should work; set Y around 0.600-0.800, depending on the text size and how low you want the crawl. read more...

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