“That Post Show” on Media Composer 3.5

Avid 3.5 - 30 days later

We've had a chance to kick the tires on Avid Media Composer 3.5 for about a month, so in this followup episode we discuss our likes and dislikes of the new release and how it fits into Avid's overall image makeover.

This episode clocks in at around 90 minutes.

Topics include:

Avid Media Access (AMA) vs. QuickTime
Avid's efficiency and reliance on host machines
Running Avid and Pro Tools simultaneously
Becoming one with the machine - NLE's vs. Moviola
The death of the dongle and the subsequent, incomprehensible backlash
Avid's new import options - Lower audio gain on imported CD audio
Digitranslator = Olde Avid?
Various speculation on Avid's future features

For details, bios and to download the show go to John’s site: That Post Show.

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