The first day of FCPX. The news of the reviews of Final Cut Pro X

There can't be many people in this industry that failed to notice Final Cut Pro X was released today. We thought that we would take a look at the better articles and videos that have been posted.

First up is an excellent review from Steve Martin on Ken Stone's website. Steve runs Ripple Training and if that rings a bell it was his server that got hacked into and those old military FCPX screengrabs stolen.

Concise and well written it was probably the best 'A first look' article we have seen. Steve had the advantage of being able to write this review well before time and it shows. Essential reading.

"While FCP X will no doubt be referred to as a souped up version of iMovie by some, this is not my impression at all. I have been cutting a documentary on it among other things, and I just finished a tutorial that is close to 5 hours long which speaks to it's depth. I was very surprised at how much iron the Apple engineers put into it."

"While FCP X is very promising, it still lacks key features for professionals. (I'm cutting it some heavy slack because I'm taking into account this is essentially a version 1 product built on an entirely new foundation). But the fact remains that there is no professional audio editing capabilities. With many of the features of Soundtrack Pro now rolled into FCP X, I still long for a full featured waveform editor to perform bread-and-butter audio editing chores. This coupled with the fact that there is no built-in way to collaborate with sound editors using ProTools or other DAWs is problematic. read more...

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