The future of post — one man’s vision, part II

Post Perspective by Lucas Wilson

Tremors lead to earthquakes, and the industry has felt a few… the shelves are starting to rattle. And the Big One is not far away.

There is a fundamental change happening in the minds of creators right now. It is possibly the biggest shift since the dawn of film and the ability to make still pictures appear to move.

A couple of weeks ago, I was at YouTube Space LA. They have an open house every Friday, and I like to go. Every time I go, I meet more people who are passionate about creation and distribution.

YouTube Space is a nice studio. Its stages function as broadcast or film-style, with cameras, lenses, grids, hard and soft cycs, a sophisticated master control room, audio post, video post and finishing, graphics, animation, compositing, and more. Cameras are everything from HD-level broadcast gear up to Red Epics and the glass available range from ENG to well-known cine lenses. It is always busy — alive with content, creation, and the overall feel of a creative space.

While there, I talked to two different creators of large YouTube channels. Each channel has well over 10 million total views, and over 1 million subscribers. We spent a long time talking about different aspects of their process, and I let them lead the conversation. read more...

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