The GoPro 4 real world evolving review?. Part 1: Initial fiddling

by Philip Bloom

Please keep checking back, as this post is a work in progress. I will be adding my initial thoughts and then continuing. It will be oldest at the top, newest below. Like a diary. There won?t be a formal video review, as there is simply no time to do one. This series I am shooting is giving me around 6-7 days off in total for the rest of the year! So it?s squeeze in a few words when I can.


I have been using GoPros since the first Hero HD. They have now of course taken over the action camera world, and deservedly so. Naturally they have gotten better with every generation. The last one, the 3+ is terrific.

The thing is GoPros have never been a primary form of camera due to my type of work. After all, I am not a base jumper, skier, surfer etc etc?this is what they have primarily become used for. My use of GoPros had been for attaching to things. People?.cars?etc?

A lot changed for me though, when I used my 3+ in conjunction with something else, A DJI Phantom 2, and the result was magical for me, like a whole new dawn of freedom when it came to filmaking. The was also the first complete GoPro piece I have made! I had done some tests prior to this and some fun little time lapses but never anything considered like this.

The GoPro will never become my main camera ? it will always be for specialist stuff like flying or underwater, but as a tool I have always loved it, and I am always desperate for a new one as I know the improvements will be much needed! The GoPro is an essential part of my kit, and if it?s gotten a lot better then I will be very happy! :) read more...

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