The History of Final Cut Pro from Randy Ubillos

Below are two videos from featuring Randy Ubillos the creator of Final Cut Pro, iMovie, Aperture and FCPX. In these videos he explains how he designed the software. If you are interested in hearing what Randy has to say check out the videos below! From

It's quite simple. Stop what you are doing, make a large coffee and watch these two videos. Never before has Randy Ubillos, the creator of the original Final Cut Pro and FCPX, gone into so much detail about the history of NLE software development. We publish the two part recording of Randy's chat with Michael Horton at the recent LACPUG 18th birthday anniversary meeting.

We would assume by now if you have been a regular reader of, that you would know about Randy Ubillos and how he shaped the development of NLEs over the past two more

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