The Insider's Guide to NAB

Creativer COW by Bedra Kaufman

NAB 2012 will be my 23rd show, if memory serves me right. There's something about going to multiple NABs that makes the memory a little blurry. By the way, that number -- 23 -- makes me a mere babe in the woods for the real veterans who have been coming for 40+ years, but still horrifying for someone who has survived one or two Shows.

I have been going long enough to see some dramatic changes not just in the show but the infrastructure that is Las Vegas and the convention center. Twenty-three years ago the show was much, much smaller. I used to cover editing and graphics and I remember the year when it became impossible to visit all the manufacturers offering products in both those disciplines. It used to be possible -- crazy, yes, but possible -- to visit four booths an hour because they weren't that far away from one another. Bigger is better, but also more challenging.

The other, very positive change has been the influx of great restaurants to NAB. I'm sure other old-timers remember when the best meal in Vegas, outside of a handful of small eateries, was the hotel restaurant. Now it's a food destination...if you can get in the door during NAB that is.

Everybody has their own way of making the most out of the show while staying vertical for as many hours a day as possible. Here are some of my tips and tricks on having a good NAB and living to tell the tale.

Minimize what you carry. After years of carrying a briefcase, I broke down and now pull a wheelie...because I have to have my laptop (which I keep replacing with lighter and lighter versions). read more...

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