The New Quadro Lineup - What Fermi was Built For

PC Perspective by Ryan Shrout

Since the introduction of the Fermi architecture nearly a year ago, we have known that NVIDIA really designed the GPU from the ground up for their Quadro and Tesla lines of products. The Tesla products are mostly server-based and aimed at the HPC (high performance computing) areas while the Quadro line is targeted at those people responsible for creating all the content we see in the world. Whether that is the latest PC gaming titles, the movie you saw last weekend or even the late night news, there is a good chance there is a Quadro at work somewhere in the pipeline.

The updated Quadro graphics cards that NVIDIA is introducing today are the first to use the Fermi GPU - the latest generation of graphics processor from NVIDIA that was released to the consumer as the GeForce GTX 400-series of cards back in March. We have already extensively covered the new GPU core, codenamed GF100, and what it offers in terms of performance, features, power consumption and more so I won't bother you again with the details. What we will do is talk about what NVIDIA is offering with the new Quadro 4000, 5000 and 6000 cards and how professional developers could take advantage of the power of this graphics processor.

The New Quadro Features and Lineup
As I mentioned above, the Quadro line of cards is used most commonly by professional developers in the world of CAD, video production and simulations as they create the products that we might eventually watch on TV or play on our PCs (NVIDIA powered of course if they have anything to say about it). read more...

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