The PERFECT Portable Streaming Solution - Yololiv YoloBox Pro & LiveU Solo

Today I am going to show you how to connect your YoloBox Pro live production system to your LiveU Solo video encoder letting you stream from anywhere.

Never worry about your livestream dropping while using your YoloBox Pro when you add the cellular bonding capabilities of the LiveU Solo.

Your YoloBox Pro has a built in encoder that lets you stream to your wired or wireless network. It also has a SIM card to support a 4G LTE cellular signal but it does not have the bonding technology to combine these connections to insure a robust and reliable stream. There are some cloud solutions available to help but I think the LiveU Solo is one of the best solutions a for truly professional performance.

Start by setting up your production as usual and connect all of your sources to the YoloBox Pro. Navigate to the system menu. Under HDMI Output, set it to Monitor Out.

Now the HDMI out on your YoloBox Pro will display the output mix you wish to stream.

Build your live production on the YoloBox Pro under monitor mode.

Simply use the HDMI out from the YoloBox Pro, then plug it to the HDMI in on your LiveU Solo.

Take your LiveU Solo encoder. Make sure it is powered on and connected either to one of the solo connect modem kits, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, or a cellular hotspot of your choosing.

Now you can use LiveU’s LRT cloud software to combine your multiple data streams from the LiveU Solo and stream to the CDN destination of your choosing including YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, Boxcast, and more.

Tech Tip: I recommend setting up your live stream beforehand on a computer, and entering all the information into your LiveU Solo via its online UI available at

That way when you are on the field, all you have to do is hit GO LIVE on your LiveU Solo.

The YoloBox Pro is is an amazing addition to the YoloLiv YoloBox family perfect for sophisticated mobile productions with three or more camera inputs.

The YoloBox Pro has everything you need to mix, monitor and stream all in a tablet form factor.

Bring in graphics, or custom make them within the YoloBox Pro.

Make and update scoreboards for your live sports productions.

Mix your audio sources with ease using the YoloBox Pro’s touch screen tablet interface.

The LiveU Solo is easy to set up and is a perfect wireless solution for live streaming out in the field! With the solo connect 2 and solo connect 3 modem kits, never worry about losing your stream again.

LiveU Solo’s stunning cellular bonding solution allows you to stream from anywhere at any time, be it out on a baseball field, on top of a mountain, inside a house of worship, or even in a class room.

Use LiveU Reliable Transport to bond all your hotspots, wifi, and USB modem signals together to create a solid internet connection.

Combine the YoloBox Pro and the LiveU Solo, and you have the ultimate portable live streaming solution for anyone on the go.

Watch the full video here!

Learn more about Yololiv here!

Learn more about LiveU here!

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