The Power of LiveU Remote Production: 2 Global Studios & 4 Remote Locations

Discover how Gradient Experience, a leading live production company, utilized LiveU technology to overcome the challenges of producing JAB Holding Company's two-day Investor’s Conference, featuring 32 C-Level speakers from two global studios and four remote locations. In response to the need for a flexible and scalable solution, Gradient incorporated LiveU for live feeds and live-to-tape content within a cutting-edge 3D virtual world. The production, hosted on Unreal design platform and powered by Brainstorm's 3D hardware, successfully brought CEOs from diverse locations, including LA, Boston, Chicago, New York, Amsterdam, and Edinburgh, into a London-based control room.

Key Challenges:

  • Hosting a two-day global Investor’s Conference with 32 C-Level speakers.
  • Ensuring a high-quality virtual experience for 200+ attendees across 30+ countries.
  • Creating a workflow that accommodates the varying needs of CEO presenters worldwide.

Innovative Solution: Gradient Experience tackled these challenges by leveraging LiveU technology at the core of its production. By creating a virtual world using Unreal and Brainstorm, the company seamlessly integrated C-Level Executives into the virtual program, resulting in a successful and highly repeatable hybrid remote production model. LiveU's adaptability allowed for last-minute scheduling changes, ensuring the event's smooth execution.

Testimonial: Corey Protin, Head of Livestream & Studios at Gradient, highlighted the significance of LiveU: "The use of LiveU allowed our team to adapt to last-minute changes in scheduling. When a guest could no longer fly to our London green screen facility, we simply used a LiveU encoder alongside the LiveU LU4000 4K/quad HD rack-mount receiver to bring him/her into the production. We were able to meet the presenters' needs without sacrificing our production quality."

Results: Gradient Experience, in collaboration with LiveU, not only met but exceeded audience expectations by delivering an engaging and high-quality virtual production far beyond the traditional Zoom meeting aesthetic. The hybrid remote production model showcased its success and repeatability, featuring CEOs from renowned companies like JPMorgan Chase, Panera, and Pret-A-Manger.

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