The SuperMeet that Never Was Will Happen During IBC

Studio Daily by Scott Simmons

Remember all the brouhaha that erupted just a week or so before the NAB 2011 FCPUG SuperMeet when Apple took over the event to preview Final Cut Pro X, thereby kicking out all the other presenters who had planned their own demos and paid for sponsorships? Here we are six months later and it’s time for another SuperMeet, this time scheduled for September 11 at the The Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky in Amsterdam during IBC.

The lineup scheduled for the IBC SuperMeet looks very much like the one booted from the NAB version. All those big A’s that had to scuttle their presentations will be represented as presenters: Adobe, Autodesk and Avid (along with the B of Blackmagic Design showing DaVinci). Add to that the other Big A of Apple—at least, unofficially—and you’ve got what must be a first: Final Cut Pro X presented on stage alongside Avid Media Composer and Adobe Premiere Pro. Michael Wohl, who, according to his bio on the SuperMeet site, is “one of the original designers of Final Cut Pro, when Macromedia started developing the application in 1995,” will attempt to clear up the confusion surrounding FCPX. While Wohl isn’t really working in an official capacity for Apple, he is a leading Apple trainer, and it is important to have FCPX on stage. It’s about all we’ve been talking about since late June.

To me, the best thing about this SuperMeet is the fact that all those companies that didn’t present during the infamous NAB SuperMeet will be back together on stage. After talking to several of those companies following NAB, I found most weren’t happy with what went down, so it’s nice to also see them not just presenting but sponsoring the SuperMeet. read more...

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