The Top Ten Editors concerns about Final Cut Pro X by Alex Snelling

This is a very brief first look at the some of the key features of FCPX from the viewpoint of the professional editor. Not the data wrangler, not the media manager, not the one-stop shop, production-company-in-a-bedroom. The cutter.

(I have tried to avoid any of the features that have been previewed already such as magnetic timeline, auditioning, clip connections and compound clips and have dug a little deeper to find some of my essential top ten features that have not been seen, at least by me, until now.)

Despite all the rumours, I am delighted to say the editor’s tools are all there in spades. So the message to all those guys and gals who cut, day in, day out, to tight deadlines at the highest level. Join in the fun, this is awesome.

So here are a few of the features I looked for first as an editor.

1. Programmable keyboard. Yes it’s there. Of course, it had to be.

2. The instinctive shortcuts. The things you press thousands of times a day.

They’re all there. No need to reinvent the wheel. JKL, mark in/out/clip, shift-Z, previous/next clip, nudge left and right. They are all exactly the same as FCP7. Of course they are. Yes mark in and mark out! read more...

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