The Year in Review on ProVideo Coalition: 2013


Moving on Up to the Creative Cloud, the State of the VFX Industry and NLE Updates Galore

2013 saw a number of announcements and updates from the biggest names in the industry, but really that’s the case every year. Specifically, NLE systems saw a huge amount of love as the big three (Adobe, Avid and Apple) all updated their software while Adobe completely changed the way they do business. Avid and Apple’s updates were met with generally positive feedback but the Rhythm & Hues bankruptcy was huge news when it broke, and what that means to and for the industry continues to be a topic of conversation. On the hardware side of things, Blackmagic had a big year with the debut of their Pocket Cinema Camera as well as their Production Camera 4K while Sony and Panasonic continued to roll out new and different products to the market.

It feels like this was the year companies finally realized the days of the $150,000 edit bay and convincing content creators they had to use a $100,000 camera in their production were over. Many companies are looking to replace the incredible costs they used to be able to charge for their hardware or software with either monthly/annual fees or by rolling out hardware that can and should be upgraded on a much more regular basis. Whether that change will get these companies back to where they think they need to be financially remains to be seen, but it’s safe to say they know they need to approach things differently now.

That technology continues to change the tools we use and the industry itself was just as true in 2013 as it was in 2012, just as it will be in 2014 and beyond. Many swore off Adobe because of their requirements around the Creative Cloud while others are embracing it because it has given them access to these programs for the first time. How many people who could only afford the basic Creative Suite package will now learn After Effects since it’s available to them with Creative Cloud?

As always, ProVideo Coalition writers contributed articles that covered just about every corner of the industry in 2013, and they did so in the typical detailed fashion that you’ve come to expect from the working professionals that make up PVC. Below is a run-down of what each author had to show us this year, but if we've missed anything please let us know in the comments or via Facebook and/or Twitter. Also, please make sure you’re signed up to receive our newsletters on a weekly basis.

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