Three great Tips for Syncing Audio

Keeping your sound in sync with your footage is critical. Use these techniques for syncing audio and improve your editing workflow. As simple as syncing audio to video might sound, this crucial process can be very time-consuming. This is especially true on extensive, multi-camera shoots. In the already-tedious world of filmmaking, the technology to simplify this process is invaluable. Recording audio and video separately on set ensures you get the highest quality sound for your project. As you may have experienced, built-in microphones on even the best cameras will never capture sound that’s clean enough for professional work. So using an external shotgun microphone and syncing your audio with a slate, snap, or a clap is essential. While that’s easy enough to do on set, once you get into post production and are organizing footage from multiple camera angles as well as all of your audio files, syncing can become daunting and tedious. But you have options. Your three main options for syncing audio to video are Red Giant’s Plural Eyes software, Premiere Pro’s “Merge” or “Synchronize” options, or the good old-fashioned way of doing it manually. read more...

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