Three Things You Need To Know About Premiere Pro CC

Premiumbeat by Jonny Elwyn

As an editor who is still learning the ins-and-outs of Premiere Pro CC after 10 years with FCP 7, I’m constantly coming to terms with why Premiere Pro does things the way it does.

I’m not saying either way is better (in comparison to any NLE) but what matters to me, is that I fully understand exactly what’s going on. To that end, here are three things I learned recently, that you might want to know too.

Premiere Pro CC Generates Useful Junk
One of the things that is especially helpful about Premiere Pro CC is the ability to throw just about anything on the timeline and it will just work. That ”just working” does require a decent amount of RAM to make it go, but it also requires a bit of work behind the scenes too.

When you import your camera native files (say some .MTS files) Premiere will start to ‘conform’ those files getting them ready to play back. If you’ve ever dropped some files on the timeline only to discover they seem to have no sound, this is often because it is still creating the preview files. read more...

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