Premium Beat asks if You Should Consider Switching Back to FinalCut Pro X

fcp3Over the past five years we have had several of our Mac customers make the switch from Apple Final Cut Pro to either Adobe Premiere Pro or Avid Media Composer. The initial release of FCPX left a lot of professionals underwhelmed - and that's an understatement - but Apple has since upgraded the software and with every new revision they add back some of the features that professionals need. Now with the latest release 10.3 release Tanner Shinnick from The Beat asks:

Is Final Cut Pro X finally more of a viable video editing option?

I, like many of you, switched to Premiere at the release of FCPX. I had been using Final Cut for a few years at that point. Then FCPX came around and had too many quirks andmissing features. I tried it out for a month or so but I, like many others, abandoned ship and went to Premiere.

Then, within this last year, it seems like Apple has brought FCPX back from the dead, especially with the latest 10.3 release. I’ve casually spent the last few months reading a lot of articles and seeing videos of the improvements. Through all of this, I’ve been considering hopping back on the FCP bandwagon.

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