Tips for Livestreaming Sports

On today's Videoguys Live, Jim is talking about all that goes into a livestream production for sports and great tips on how to improve your sports productions.

Watch the full webinar below:

Why Livestream Sports Now?

  • Professional sports are getting going and are underway​
  • Baseball is in playoffs​
  • Hockey and Basketball seasons are beginning preseason now, with full season coming soon​
  • Football is in their season now​
  • School sports are back in session with fall sports, and winter sports are just around the corner

What Do You Need for Your Live Sports Production?​

  • The most basic need is to stream and record games​
  • Capture more action with multiple camera angles​
  • Add branding and graphics​
  • Add scoreboard​
  • Add instant replay

Stream and Record Games
Let's talk about the infrastructure available at the location and the production system required. All systems will require a camera(s), switcher, and an encoder.

Smaller Productions May Have Just a Single Person to Broadcast the Game. Possible Solutions:

Inside Court (Basketball)

Baseball Field

Sports Field (Soccer and Football)

PTZ Cameras
PTZ Cameras are great way to capture the action with multiple cameras located around the court with the ability to follow the action

  • Always setup your cameras from the same side of the court, ice or field​
  • Imagine a fan in the bleachers who can walk up and down the sideline to follow the play​
  • They do not change perspective from one side of the field of play to the other

NDI Technology
NDI Technology is a great way to get your cameras back to the studio

  • More and more schools and athletic centers are being wired with robust networks​
  • A single Cat6 cable can provide, power, control and AV back to your production room with NDI​

Turnkey Production Systems

  • Full featured production systems have the hardware and software you need for the complete production​
  • 1 centralized unit allows you to follow the action by easily switching cameras, serve your graphics, integrate your scoreboard and more
  • NewTek TriCaster Mini X - $7,995.00
  • Telestream Wirecast Gear 3 - starting at $7,495.00
  • Epiphan Pearl Family - starting at $1,695.00

Tech Tip: Scoreboard Hack

  • Lot's of scoreboards have an output that you can feed into your production system to overlay the real-time score and time clock​
  • If you don't have that capability mount a camera toward the scoreboard and bring in that feed on your video as a PIP​

Add Instant Replay

Roland P-20HD Video Instant Replayer

  • Slow-motion instant replay and variable speed playback​
  • Intuitive controls for single-operator sports production​
  • Simultaneous recording and playback​
  • Clip playlist builder for creating highlight reels​
  • Integrated color LCD for preview monitoring​
  • Compact, portable, and reliable hardware design

NewTek 3Play 3P1 Replay System

  • Fully integrated sports production up to 1080p 60​
  • SDI, hybrid, and end-to-end IP connectivity to adapt to your game plan​
  • Native software-driven processing for maximum production power and flexibility​
  • Integrated NDI® Telestrator Pro for live telestration from any compatible connected device, with support for remote video transport control​
  • Comprehensive camera coverage and delivery with support for 4 simultaneous external inputs and 2 outputs
$3,395.00 $17,995.00


Videoguys Tech Tips!

  1. For slow motion you need to capture the video at 120fps or more. 60 fps will not look as smooth or clear. Which is why we recommend shooting sports in 4K, even if you are streaming in HD​
  2. Adding sports graphics incorporating team logo & colors make your broadcast look more professional​
  3. You can use a simple webcam and headset microphone to bring in your announcer straight into your production

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