Tips for Prepping Your 360-degree Footage

Check out this overview of essential steps to consider when working with 360-degree content.

Prepping Your 360-Degree Footage For Editing

From Studio360VR article-prepping-your-360-footage-for-editingSo you think you can shoot your 360-degree video and go from camera directly to your favorite NLE? Think again! There are some very important steps you have to go through before you can import you footage into your NLE. Below, I cover, from a high level, what those steps are. Once you understand these steps, you’ll be able to use pretty much any “stitching” application out there.

Import Footage

Depending on which 360-degree camera rig you shoot with (I shoot with the Kodak Pixpro SP360 4K), you may have to import footage from 2 to as many as 12 (or even more) cameras. This means that you have to be extremely organized. You need to have your cameras labeled, for example, I label my front camera as A and my rear camera as B. I then create a folder structure starting at the top level called “Videos”, with two folders inside called “Raw” and “Stitched”. Inside the “Raw” folder, I have CameraA and CameraB folders. It is important you keep them separate, because most cameras will create the same IDs for the files and you can overwrite them by mistake...[continue reading]

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