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Gary hosts another Videoguys Live! This time it’s the top 10 reasons we love SlingStudio! These are in no particular order. But let’s highlight how wonderful of a product Sling is to use, and how it can help anyone looking to stream


SlingStudio is Easy to Use! Look at the Workflow

People are always afraid of bringing in other people or getting confused. Luckily this works perfectly for people ranging from beginners to experts. There’s no need to fear getting overwhelmed with the console app’s simple workflow done on any Mac, iPhone, or iPad!

Check out this SlingStudio Console App Demo​ with Jeff Sasagawa

SlingStudio is Priced Right

$999.00 is a great cost for the hub! Thus anyone can get their hands on a SlingStudio! Yet the hub is not all! Things become easy with additional equipment that can handle multiple cameras, batteries, and more.

SlingStudio Runs Great on Macs and iPads

Use any Mac or iPad to use the SlingStudio App! Simply download the FREE app online and sync it to any SlingStudio hot spot to control audio, cameras, lower thirds, graphics, and more!

Here is a great tutorial of the console app!

SlingStudio can Bring in your iPhone or Android as a Camera Device

One of the greatest features of SlingStudio is bringing in cellphone feeds as camera sources. Not only is this a fantastic way to save money, but also a great fail-safe if any professional camera was to go down. Thus the worry of technical problems is greatly diminished.

Bring in an iPhone or Android! Simply download the SlingStudio Capture App, run it on a phone, and the feed will appear in the console app!

SlingStudio Allows you to Bring in your HD Camera using the Camera Link. 

The CameraLink is a wonderful way to bring in any camera with an HDMI out into the SlingStudio wirelessly. Simply plug the camera in, turn on the CameraLink, and a signal is sent to the hub. Then it’s easy to input that feed into the console app!

Videoguys has made a great tutorial on how to hook up the CameraLink to any camera (PTZ, DSLR, Cam Corder, or otherwise).

Watch the Videoguys demo and setup tutorial here!


SlingStudio is Portable! Bring it all in a backpack!

The SlingStudio Backpack

Portable! There’s no beating the SlingStudio! It’s lightweight and compact design makes it so easy to store into a backpack and move. Thus it’s the best product for people on the run. Streaming from the middle of a field? Take up little space and easy setup! Having to move from room to room? The battery makes it wireless.

Add LiveU Solo to your SlingStudio Hub and you can stream from anywhere

The LiveU Solo uses cellular bonding to create a hot spot. Thus making it possible to stream anywhere at anytime! What goes good with being able to stream anywhere? What’s a portable solution that’ll work for streaming in odd places? Oh yeah. It’s the SlingStudio!

LiveU and Sling have several bundles available to meet any kind of streaming needs!

Learn more about the LiveU Solo and it’s modems here!

SlingStudio is Great for Coaching & Streaming Sports

Sling is here for replays, multi-camera shoots, and more! Featured is a small video showing how SlingStudio is used to capture a football game using a mixture of both high end cameras, and small cell phones.

Coaches can even replay close calls! Refs can consult the app and play back plays from multiple angles with ease not only making your production look professional, but also play these back on the livestream!

See SlingStudio’s great video on streaming sports!

SlingStudio Allows you to Bring your Multicam Timeline Right into Adobe Premiere Pro!

Editing down or cutting up stream is a key portion of production workflows. Sling has made it easy with a simple plugin that will take your recorded streams directly into Premiere Pro! Just drag and drop and the entire stream is there. Even certain cuts, audio decisions and audio feeds are all brought in to help post production run smoother.

Check out this Video Tutorial on using ​Adobe Premiere Pro with SlingStudio​

Did we mention how easy SlingStudio is to Use?

Videoguys is not over stating just how easy this is to use! Use it for:

  • Houses of Worship
  • Schools (Education)
  • Corporate Video
  • Bands & Concerts
  • Sports Production
  • and more!

Watch the full webinar here!

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