Top 10 Steps for Videotaping Graduation Ceremonies By Gretchen Siegchrist If you're videotaping graduation ceremonies, there are a few steps you can take to make sure your graduation movie is as good as possible. Keep these tips in mind as you're videotaping graduation ceremonies and you'll end up with a graduation movie that's fun to watch and a great way to remember the big day!

1. Polish Your Skills

If you're new to videography, make sure that you know the basic steps to shooting great video. These videotaping tips will help you get high-quality video shots during any event, and they'll be especially helpful while videotaping graduation ceremonies.
2. Battery Power
You'll need to use batteries to power your camcorder, since there will probably be nowhere to plug in. Make sure the batteries are fully charged. You may even want to invest in an extra battery for videotaping graduation ceremonies - it'll be a long day and you want your camcorder to make it all the way through! read more...

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