Top 3 Laptops for Video Editing with Adobe Premiere Pro and Final Cut X

top-editing-laptopsWith so much buzz about the new all-in-one's coming out this year or the ones currently available for purchase, there has been much debate about which device performs better, and that is no different when it comes to any computer device. Better for what though? Most computers now come with a target user of some kind. You may find ones marketed for "everyday users" or "professionals", but what does that really mean? So to find out which laptop is best for you requires some research. The hardware in these devices are becoming more complex as well as specific to the type of user intended. Video editors are as specific a user there is in the market today. Whether it's the NLE being used or the specific brand of someone chooses, video editing debates are endless and sometimes gets to the point of splitting hairs. Vlady Radev for reviewed Dave Lee's video breakdown of what he thinks are the best laptops for video editing. Some of these video comparisons can be a bit intimidating but Lee does a great job of being informative as well as practical. Everyone wants something specific from their computer and we want you to be as informed as possible.

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