Top 3 Reasons to Get the new Matrox Monarch LCS

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Commercial Integrator by Tom LeBlanc 3 Reasons Matrox’s New Lecture Capture Appliance Is a Big Deal Unveiled at NAB 2016, H.264 encoder Monarch LCS offers live HD video streaming and recording at a unique value. Matrox’s Monarch LCS two-input, which accepts video from any SDI or HDMI camera and presentation content over HDMI from computers, isn’t the only lecture capture appliance being unveiled at NAB 2016. At $2,495, however, Matrox will argue it’s the best value. Its inputs can be encoded independently and in sync for use with the latest multi-stream video players. Alternatively, the inputs can be combined prior to encoding in a variety of production layouts, including picture-in-picture and side-by-side, for use with standard video players, according to Matrox. The company also notes its simplicity and positions it as a solution that can be eased into an IT directors’ workflow with ease. Dan Maloney, Matrox’s technical marketing manager, discussed why he sees Monarch LCS as a unique lecture capture offering: On why at $2,495 it’s positioning it as a cost-effective solution …

Monarch LCS combines three key components that ensure this product will be very well suited for schools’ environments today and in the future.

The first feature is video mixing technology that can take HD computer signals and HD camera signals and mix them in a variety of layouts including side-by-side and picture-in-picture. Many lecture capture system offer this capability but Monarch LCS does it at full resolution.

The second feature is the dual high-quality encoders. With these two encoders, Monarch LCS can process computer and camera signals independently. Upcoming video player technology will have the ability to play two files simultaneously. These players will include built-in control allowing the viewer to select the “layout” they wish dynamically. The ability to record files suitable for these new players requires two independent encoders.

The third feature is our frame sync technology. Computer signals and video coming from a camera rarely have the same frame rate. Recording this content at each device’s native frame rate including any external audio sources could cause real issues when trying to play those files back in sync. The frame synchronizers in Monarch LCS lock the computer and external audio signals to the video signal before sending it to the encoders. This ensures all content will be played at exactly the same rate with no drift. read more...

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