Top 3 Reasons NDI 5 is a Quantum Leap Forward

NDI 5 was announced by NewTek last month, with the promise of a ton of brand new features that improve live streaming and NDI based remote productions. As the industry anxiously waits for the release of NDI 5- you can join the waiting list now at– more and more information is being released on some of it’s capabilities.

Recently, sat down with NDI company president, Michael Namatina to discuss some what’s new with NDI 5.  The interview gave a ton of information on the upcoming version of the protocol.

Namatinia says that NDI 5 was in the works for over two years and means the expansion of NDI from your local area network, to wide area networks.  This means contribution can come now from outside your organization, and remote workflows are more possible now than ever before.  

Check out the full article from HERE to learn more. 

Learn more about NewTek HERE. 

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