Top 5 Reasons Videoguys Love NETGEAR ProAV NDI Switches

On today's Videoguys Live, Gary goes over the top 5 reasons why we love and recommend the NETGEAR ProAV NDI Switches.

Top 5 Reasons Videoguys Loves and Recommends NETGEAR ProAV NDI M4250 Switches
1. Engineered for AV over IP
2. NETGEAR is committed to ProAV
3. Easy to Configure (GUI)
4. Presets for NDI|HX and NDI 5
5. Recommended by all of our partners: PTZOptics, NewTek, BirdDog, etc

1. Switches Engineered for AV over IP

  • Out of the box support for every networked AV solution
  • Built for 1G AV over IP installations
  • Designed for a clean integration with traditional rack-mounted AV equipment
  • A sleek, black display panel provides port and activity status in the front, with all power and network cabling neatly organized in the back

2. NETGEAR is Committed to Pro AV

  • Dedicated ProAV design team
  • Reduced Setup time
  • Educational resources
  • Wide range of capabilities

3. Easy to Configure (GUI)

  • A simplified user interface makes it easy to assign configuration profiles to each port
  • Enable factory default AV settings or user-specified AV profiles with just a few clicks
  • NETGEAR IGMP Plus provides multicast functionality right out of the box for most AV over IP applications
  • Auto-trunk and auto-LAG functionality auto connects with other M4250

4. Presets for NDI HX and NDI 5

  • Engineered for 1G AV over IP and designed for clean integration in a rack, under a table, or behind a display
  • Include a unique NDI profile already configured for you
  • Models with PoE+ and Ultra 90 PoE++ allow powering of cameras, endpoints, and more
  • Built with NETGEAR IGMP Plus, Auto-LAG, and Auto-Trunk for true out-of-the-box functionality, even with multiple switches

5. Recommended By All Of Our Partners, Including:

  • Panasonic
  • BirdDog
  • NewTek
  • PTZOptics
  • & more!

Terms to Learn
PoE Power over Ethernet

  • PoE - 15.4 Watts
  • PoE+ - 30 Watts
  • PoE ++ (Ultra) - 60-100 Watts depending on version (Type 3 and Type 4)

Total Power Delivery (TPD)

  • The Maximum amount of power a switch can deliever
  • A PoE+ switch with 60 Watts TPD can only power 2 PoE+ cameras no matter how many ports it has

SFP (Small-Form Factory Pluggable Transceiver)

  • Commonly used for Optical Network Connection, but can be Copper
  • Allows for Port Flexibility
  • SFP operates at 1Gpbs
  • SFP+ operates at 10Gpbs

 NETGEAR M4250 Network Switches Built for NDI

Need a Larger Switch?

  • Larger switches are also available for more involved installs
  • We have a huge network of installers throughout the U.S.
  • Call at 800-323-2323 or ask to speak with one of our NETGEAR System Integrators in your local area

Top 5 Reasons Videoguys Recommends NETGEAR ProAV M4250 Switches

  1. Engineered for AV over IP​
  2. Netgear is committed to ProAV​
  3. Easy to Configure (GUI)​
  4. Presets for NDI HX & NDI 5​
  5. Recommended by all of our partners​
  6. Bonus! - It's our #1 tech support solution for NDI installations

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