Top 5 Things to Love About the New Final Cut Pro X 10.3

I have to admit, this guys knows his stuff and he has really tapped into the top 5 features that finally deliver on all of the promise and potential of FCPX. I've always felt the magnetic timeline was the best and worst feature of FCPX. With release 10.3 Apple has really refined the toolset and delivered on much of the promise of FCPX. Check out this video, even if you hate FCPX. It's quite informative and while he's a big fan, he does still point out areas he wants to see improvement.
This Guy Edits What I love about the new Final Cut Pro X FCPX editing software lets you manage less and focus more on emotion and story. The magnetic timeline allows for trackless editing and the new update 10.3 introduces audio lanes for split audio tracks (to output to your audio mixer). Cognitive selecting through events and keyword assignment as well as visual scrubbing are great ways to emotionally engage with your footage and stay in editing flow. FCPx: Event-Based Shot Selection (Favorites, Rejects & Keywords): 9to5mac Video: Final Cut Pro X 10.3: a look at 10 new features: Special thanks to these 3 YouTubers: How to ADHD: Photos in Color: Sirajology: -- They did all the filming in this video during 2016 Youtube NextUp!

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