Top Six Things Videomakers Love About MAGIX VEGAS Pro 19 Update

VEGAS has recently announced the high-anticipated update to their VEGAS Pro video editing software. This new update has exciting new features, as well as some bug fixes to VEGAS Pro 19. Pete Tomkies recently wrote an article for Videomaker going over all the new features for VEGAS Pro 19 editing software.

1. Improved Color Grading Features

VEGAS Pro gets improved color grading features in the latest update. You can now apply Color Grading to the Track, Media, and Video Output levels. Also, the Color Grading Panel now has Brightness and Contract controls. This update gives performance improvements for the Color Grading curve options as well. 

2. New Features for Vertical Video

Vertical videos are a new layout that are commonly used for different social media platforms. VEGAS has new features specifically for users making vertical videos for social media. There are many new templates for vertical video aspect ratios within VEGAS with this new update. 

3. New FX Tools

VEGAS Pro now has Bezier Curve support for keyframe animation for effects. There is also a new Motion Blur FX feature. 

4. New GPU Features

The update to VEGAS Pro means that the hardware detection in the program now handles multiple GPUs from the same vendor. VEGAS Pro also adds GPU acceleration for Scene and Shot detection.

5. Other Great, New Additions

  • You can now instantly crop the background for titles and text generator to the text box
  • Speech to Text now autodetects the OS language
  • Customizable subtitle creation for Speech to Text
  • Update adds an indicator to identify locked timeline clip events

6. Notable Bug Fixes

The notes for this update include 35 important bug fixes. These include:

  • Border FX now properly releases GPU memory
  • Color Grading layout now properly shows hub windows
  • Performance improvements for BRAW recording
  • Fixes for crashes that happen with Plugin Manager, GL Transitions plugin, and Color Curves FX

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