Top Storage Products for Dads & Grads in 2018 Videoguys NewsDay 2sDay Live Webinar

This special edition of the Videoguys NewsDay 2sDay live webinar is on our top storage solutions. We tried to fit them into our Top Products for Dads & Grads show, but it would have been too long, so we decided to make this a very special two-part series. We have storage solutions from G-technology, LaCie, Glyph and SONY and of all types of devices. If you are looking for a storage gift for the Dad or Grad in your life you need to check this video out!

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Rugged Portable Storage

G-Technology G-DRIVE ev ATCAll-­-terrain drive solution with tethered Thunderbolt cable shields a high quality, lightweight, removable G-­-DRIVE® ev RaW USB hard drive. USB 3.0 or Thunderbolt interfaces. LaCie Rugged USB-C & Thunderbolt 3With USB-C, you can connect to both USB 3.0-compatible computers as well as to USB-C (and Thunderbolt 3) ones. This Rugged hard drive also features an integrated Thunderbolt cable. Sony Ruggedized Portable Drives with USB 3.0 & Thunderbolt  Ruggedized portable shuttle drives designed for professionals needing reliable, high capacity media to back-up data safely. Reinforced hard case ready for labeling, transport or storage. Glyph Black Box Pro with USB-C A tough, professional external hard drive that features the latest USB-C  technology, a professional power supply, and optimized cooling. Works with USB 3.0 and 2.0, making the Blackbox Pro future proof and backwards compatible.
USB 3.0:  $129.95 Thunderbolt:  $199.95 starting at $169.99 starting at $161.24 starting at $139.95

Slim SSD Drives

G-Technology G-DRIVE mobile SSD R-Series with USB-C Think Big. Travel Light. - Available in capacities up to 2TB3, the G-DRIVE™ mobile SSD R-Series provides light, pocket-sized storage to keep your 4K footage, RAW photos, and media libraries to edit and save, wherever, whenever.. Glyph Atom SSD Drive with USB C, USB3 and Thunderbolt 3 The Atom Solid State Drive from Glyph fits right in your pocket, allowing you to take your important documents, photos, videos and other files with you on the go. Compatible with Thunderbolt 3 and USB 3.0, it's powerful and versatile. Glyph Atom RAID Dual-Drive SSD Array with USB C, USB 3 and Thunderbolt 3 Glyph’s fastest SSD ever. Combining capacities up to 4TB with speeds of up to 860MB/s, wrapped in a rugged, bus-powered aluminum enclosure that fits in your pocket. AtomRAID has a USBc/Thunderbolt 3 connection and includes 2 cables for connections to the newest and older Macs and PCs..
starting at $179.95 starting at $199.95 starting at $799.95

2-Bay RAID Storage

LaCie 2big Dock with Thunderbolt 3Designed with the creative professional in mind, the LaCie 2big Dock features Seagate® IronWolf™ Pro drives and RAID optimization for superior power management and reliability. G-Technology G-RAID USB 3.0G-RAID USB is a high-performance, removable RAID solution with dual 7200RPM Enterprise-class hard drives. Featuring an internal RAID controller, solid all-aluminum enclosure, and cooling fan technology; it is quiet, stylish and portable. Sony Rugged RAID with Thunderbolt 2 and USB 3.0 High speed RAID drive can store data at a speed of up to 440MB/s in RAID 0 mode, enabling a 1TB file to be transferred in approximately 50 minutes. Ideal for reliable outdoor use, the portable and rugged RAID drive is highly durable due to its unique construction.
starting at $599.00 16TB  $799.95 SALE! $649.95 starting at $399.72

4-Bay RAID Storage

G-Technology G-SPEED Shuttle Thunderbolt 3 Transportable 4-Bay RAID Storage Ideal storage for demanding workflows. A transportable design lets you easily carry it on-location and back to the studio, and with optimized 4K and 8K support, you get the bandwidth to edit multi camera footage in real time, render multi-layer effects, and quickly export with incredible efficiency.. G-Technology G-SPEED Shuttle SSD Transportable 4-Bay RAID Storage A scorching fast RAID powerhouse - Equipped with up to 16TB of solid-state storage running at a scorching fast 2800MB/s, the G-SPEED Shuttle SSD device with Thunderbolt™ 3 technology lets you edit multi-camera footage in real time and quickly export with incredible efficiency.
starting at $1,799.95 starting at $4,999.95

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