TriCaster Mini in review

By Joe de Max

Yesterday NewTek announced possible their coolest TriCaster yet, and it?s called the14.CEO-screen-full-set-up-shot-with-monitor-UI-and-GoPro-cameraTriCaster Mini. It?s the smallest TriCaster ever fitting into a tighter space than even the venerable TC100. TriCaster Mini builds on what NewTek started 2 years ago with the TriCaster 40, which is making video not only financially accessible, but making it accessible to those without a video background. Possibly the biggest leap that the TriCaster Mini makes in this regard is including HDMI inputs (a first for a NewTek product). When the TriCaster 40 shipped two years ago there was some doubt of wether or not component video was a viable input format, and for the most part the answer was yes. In the 2 years since the TriCaster 40 launched cameras with component have become rarer and rarer, and as I?ve learned affordable HDMI to component converters can be sketchy at best (with some exceptions, but more on that at a later date). The mini also supports 2 HDMI outputs, 2 VGA outputs as well as the interface + multiviewer.

The TriCaster Mini comes in two different models, the first being the HD-4, and the second being the HD-4i. The standard HD-4 model includes a single 750GB drive, where as the HD4-i affords an extra 750GB drive, which allows users to use NewTek?s IsoCorder technology (really!) without the need for external storage. However, possible the coolest feature that the 4i model brings to the table is the addition of a built in screen. The 7? LCD monitor on the side allows users to either monitor the program output without the ned for an additional program out monitor (users will still of course need a standard monitor for the TriCaster user interface). read more...

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