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Running complex video editing software can tax your computer resources, and force a video editor's digital traffic to slide over to the slow lane of the highway. Every video editor should dig into their software settings, so they can fly in the fast lane and get to their destination on time.

A look under the hood of video editing software can be daunting. There are a lot of parts that can be tweaked to customize how everything runs. A video editor doesn't need to be a certified engineer to optimize their software, but it sure helps if they're a little bit of a shade tree mechanic. With a little fine tuning and some basic maintenance a video editor can get their video editing software to run like a fine tuned sports car.

A video editor is usually concerned with what they can do with their video editing software, not what they can do to their video editing software.

Avid Media Composer SettingsFor this reason there are many video editors who never take the time to figure out how their system can be optimized and instead keep everything running using the default presets. Fortunately, video editing software publishers, such as Adobe, Avid, Sony Creative, and Autodesk make it pretty easy for the average video editor to pop the hood and harmlessly monkey around with their system's settings. read more...

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